Company profile:
Help Care Company ApS – Danish producer of eyewash.

We cooperate with our retailers regarding spreading the message about simple first aid for the eyes in case of emergency. Our solutions are innovative, user friendly and effective first aid products for people who has gotten something in the eyes. Our eyewash solutions make sure that the injured person is able to wash the eyes ALONE and WITHOUT HELP!

Help Care Company’s selection of product cover a wide variety of eyewash and wound cleanser, adapted to the individual customers requirement to functionality, climate, size and design.

If the customer wishes a extraordinary solution, the technical department of Help Care Company will prepare a suggestion as to how the task can be solved, with the end user’s requirements in mind.

The mission of Help Care Company is to prevent escalation of eyewash and provide a quick, effective and user friendly first aid solution, be it at work, at home or on the go the emergency happens. We will continue to adapt to the market and the wishes and needs the user should have.

The goal for the future is to give the user a double aha! effect in the encounter with eyewash. The user should also feel that Help Care Company means safety first and foremost! The quality should be high and the product should not be comparable with any other kind of eyewash in the world. We will continue to take responsibility for functionality, safety and user friendliness.

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