Facts regarding eyewash


Why should you use Help Care Company’s eyewash fluids?

Help Care Company’s eyewash fluids are all isotonic saltwater 0.9% buffered natriumchlorid solution. That means that it is sterile saltwater, which is able to neutralize acids and bases faster than a regular saltwater solution would be able to. Help Care Company’s eyewash fluids have a PH equal to 7.4, which is similar to the natural tear fluids of the eye. Furthermore, by using isotonic saltwater, the fluid does not sting like regular tap water would over time, and that is why the long wash time necessary for most chemicals can be maintained.


Why is it always a good idea to have eyewash?

If something gets in your eye, which is not supposed to be there (foreign body in the eye). It could be an insect, a rock, gravel, sand or chemicals. Nonetheless, it is essential to wash the eye with eyewash as soon as possible, preferably within seconds. Contact lenses can also be in the wrong place and irritate the surface of the eye, which is why it is ideal to wash the eye. Solids, such as earth and chippings from metal or wood which have gotten into the eye by accident, can damage and scratch the cornea of the eye. Therefore, it is important to wash until the irritation ceases.


What is good eyewash?

A eyewash is best when it can be operated by a single person, without help from other individuals. It is essential that eyewash is user-friendly and simple to use. Furthermore, eyewash should have long wash time, so time is not wasted on opening or unwrapping the eyewash in a critical situation.


Rules and requirements for eyewash:

According to the EU regulation regarding eyewash, EN15154-4, the following applies. Eyewash units shall be able to be activated for immediate use by a single person within a maximum of 5 seconds, even with closed eyes. Once activated, it shall be possible to operate the device with one hand.


Eyewash and durability

The durability of our eyewash is 3 years post production. The expiration date appears on the label as a expiration year and thereafter a month which the eyewash will be expired.


What does eyewash consist of?

eyecare eyewash is saltwater. But did you know that eyecare also can be used as a wound cleanser. Because of the fact that the fluid has the same PH as in our bodies, the fluid is not stinging and the spray is soft on the skin, and can be used to cleanse a wound without causing discomfort. The fluid is sterile saltwater, and even if the spray has been used, the content in the spray is still sterile and can be used until the bottle has reached its expiration date.

Eyewash content ml:

There is a difference in terms of how many ml a eyewash consists of. It is not the amount and the content of ml saltwater in a eyewash which determines the price. The washing technique and the time is the most important factor. There needs to be a constant change of fluid on the surface of the eye, however, if there is too much fluid sprayed, valuable eyewash fluid will be wasted. Therefore, the effectiveness of an eyewash is determined by the washing technique and the concept of a lasting wash, which does not waste valuable fluid. eyecare and eyeaid have either 100 ml or 250 ml of contents, which can give 6 or 15 minutes of wash time. The products’ washing techniques ensures that 100% of the fluid is used and no eyewash fluid is wasted.


Is it possible to buy a eyewash station?

Both eyeaid and eyecare have a eyewash station. The eyewash stations are also possible to operate with one hand, in order to ensure that the wash can be started as fast as possible, and save precious seconds. Both by using the eyeaid ToGo eyewash station and the eyeaid wall station can be started due to the design.


What kind of station suits what kind of eyewash?

eyeaid eyewash station suits eyeaid and the stations are labelled eyeaid. One can store eyeaid bottles in a eyecare station, however, this is not recommended, since the eyeaid bottles are at risk of having dust on the outlets of the bottles, in contrast to eyecare bottles, which have a lid to protect the outlets from dust.


When is the eyewash supposed to start?

If you are in a situation where you have dirt or dust in your eyes, the eyewash is supposed to start as soon as possible and last until the foreign body is out of the eye. If you experience discomfort even after the foreign body is out of the eye, you must contact a doctor.

If you are in a situation where you have acid in your eyes, the wash is supposed to start within 5 seconds, and the wash should last 10-15 minutes. When being transported to the emergency room, you must contact a doctor. If you are in a situation where you have a base in your eyes, the wash should start within 1-3 second and should last a minimum of 15 minutes. Contact a doctor as soon as possible and bring a sufficient amount of eyewash for the transport.


What is the difference between regular bottles and eyewash spray?

Eyewash as a spray has a constant fluid pressure for up to 15 minutes per bottle of eyewash spray. In the case of regular eyewash bottles, the eyewash fluid is squeezed out either by force of hand or by gravity. The eyewash fluid runs through holes in the bottle and the fluid is ejected in small streams. By using eyewash, such as eyecare, the eyewash fluid is sprayed in a constant, uniform and soft wash of the eye. The regular eyewash bottles are one time used, whereas eyewash as a spray, such as eyecare, can be used again and again. However, it is recommended that a used eyecare spray is replaced in a eyecare station, in order to give the full wash time of a new unit, in future critical situation.


What is eyewash fluid?

Eyewash fluid is a saltwater solution that can be used if you get something in your eye. Eyewash is first aid for the eyes, which is critical to have in an emergency situation. Eyewash fluid can also be used if your eyes are itching or feel dry. If you get chemicals in your eyes and you are not able to wash your eyes with eyewash, you should wash with whatever is nearby. A quick eyewash is a determining factor to limit the extent of the damage, since the first seconds before eyewash is the time where the eye is damaged without being treated. The faster the eye is washed, the less damage the chemical is able to damage the eye.


Eyewash spray can

A spraycan as eyewash has the advantage that it can spray in every direction, regardless if you, or the patient, is sitting or laying down the person in question can be aided. By using the bag-on-valve (BOV) technology that are used by eyecare and eyeaid, the contents of the spray can can be emptied 100% and the fluid can be sprayed in a constant, precise and lasting flow.


Eyewash for both animals and humans

Eyecare eyewash spray is an ideal eyewash for animals. Because of the design of the eyewash bottle as a spray, and therefore the ability to spray in every direction, the products are easy to use as a eyewash for a dog, as well as other animals, such as horses. eyecare is sterile and can also be used as a wound cleanser. Furthermore, the bottle does not need to touch the eye or the wound in order to cleanse. The expiration date of the bottle is on the label, and the fluid is sterile even if the product has been used before.


Work environment and eyeaid eyewash

eyeaid eyewash ensures fast first aid in an emergency situation. eyeaid solves an actual problem in work environments.eyeaid is a preventive safety product that concerns every company. It has not been possible previously for an individual to wash both eyes by themself, without help from other individuals. During the wash it was necessary to open multiple bottles of eyewash for a wash time of 15 minutes, which is necessary for treating many chemicals. eyeaid makes it possible to have wash time for 15 minutes, with a constant and lasting flow.


Is eyeaid user-friendly first aid?

eyeaid is a Danish developed eyewash product for first aid with custom made eyewash stations that lives up to the needs of injured people. Every individual who has experienced having something in the eye and used existing first aid solutions considers it troublesome and physically unnatural to bend your head backwards and lead the water away from the entries of the nose, in order to conduct correct first aid. The user-friendly design of eyeaid is a quite different experience. eyeaid is able to offer first no matter what physical position the injured person is in. Thanks to the bag-on-valve (BOV) technology eyeaid is able to spray in every direction, which also makes it possible to wash upwards, and thus makes it easier to use, as the injured person can be bent over and the washing water is not pouring over the person, which is not possible with some other products in the market. The contaminated eyewash water is also washed out of the eye 10 times as fast due to the washing technique, which makes the first aid more optimal, compared to other products.


Eye opener from Help Care Company

Help Care Company aims to have the best eyewash product, and as the only company which produces in the market, we can offer companies and consumers a unique and functional of the highest quality. The “eye opener”-system is a creation developed in Denmark. The system further supports the ability to operate the eyewash with one hand, since the product will automatically open your eye, in contrast to other products where you need to use your hands to keep your eye open. eyeaid is 100% one hand operated, which opens the possibility to wash both eyes simultaneously.


Is a eyewash station necessary?

The advantage of using a eyewash station is that you always know where your eyewash is placed. Remember you should be able to find your eyewash with closed eyes. If you need to find your eyewash, you are likely to be unable to see, which is why it is more safe you know exactly where your eyewash is. Furthermore, you also know if you are in need of eyewash, if your eyewash station is empty. If eyewash bottles are placed separately, you do not know where they are, and they can be hard to find in an emergency situation. If you are an employee in a company, there should always be suitable, preventive eyewash measures in all work environments.


REACH’s requirements and rule for eyewash

REACH has several different requirements for eyewash. The eyewash can not be broken, which means that the sealing of the product must be intact. A different requirement the Labour Inspectorate can have could for example be the expiration date of the eyewash. Therefore, it is important to change the expired bottles with new bottles of eyewash. Eyewash usually expires 3 years post the production date. If you work with chemicals, the manual for the chemical requires that you work with access to eyewash. According to REACH, everything you need to know is stated in the fourth point of the manual. This must be implemented in the company, and you should also remember mobile eyewash for the transport from the emergency to the emergency room.


First aid eyewash – what solution fits me?

It can be hard to decide what eyewash solution is the right first aid solution. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, it is already too late to prepare. This is why, it is important to make the correct solution the first time. We recommend the eyeaid eyewash solution if you work with chemicals or work alone. eyeaid is the only solution in the market, which makes it possible to wash both eyes simultaneously – on yourself for 15 minutes, which is required to cleanse your eyes for the majority of chemicals. eyeaid will open your eyes during the wash, which leads to a optimal first aid. For regular first aid, where there is no requirement in relation to wash time or the ability to operate with one hand by yourself, we recommend eyecare.


Emergency showers and eyewash

Certain workplaces require emergency showers, but it is important to supply with mobile eyewash. As a rule of thumb, there needs to be a sufficient amount of eyewash to cover the transport from the emergency to the emergency room. This is why a emergency shower should be supplied with mobile eyewash.


Eyewash and wound cleansing

eyecare is both a eyewash and a wound cleanser. The fluid is sterile, does not sting and is usable on both children and animals. eyecare eyewash and wound cleanse has the advantage that it does not need to be in physical contact with eyes or wounds, which also makes it easier to provide first aid on other individuals, since the wash is more gentle.


The price of eyewash

The price of eyewash can be found on the eyecare and the eyeaid page. Depending on the requirements one may have to wash time and wash technique is what causes the difference in pricing. It is important to be aware of the needs one has to one’s eyewash. If in doubt, you can contact us for guidance. Depending on who needs the eyewash and what it is used to wash, we can guide you and give you advice, so you can find the correct solution.