eyeaid 2 x 250 ml eyewash REF300777

Eyeaid contains up to 15 minutes of rinsing time per can. Durability: Up to 3 years from the date of manufacture. The Bag-on-Valve technology ensures a constant fluid pressure, regardless of the position. Eyeaid can be activated by one hand, and both eyes can be rinsed at the same time. The patented eye opener eliminates the risk of further contamination from ”dirty fingers” that will not get in contact with the eyes. The eyes are automatically kept open, which thus ensures efficient rinsing behind the eye. Eyeaid rinses your eye from below, and thanks to gravity, the eye is cleared of chemicals. “Contaminated” rinsing water does not spill out over the person, the skin, or the clothes. The person can give himself/herself first aid – without help from others.

If a chemical has entered the eye, wash out for at least 15 minutes or as per chemical data sheet instructions.

eyeaid Eyewash Bottles:

  • Ergonomic eye-opener
  • Easy-to-use spray-bottle
  • Opens using one click on the wings, no activations
  • Buffered eye wash solution.
  • Meet ANSI standard z358.1-2014,15-minute flushing requirement
  • Dustproof stations keep the eyewash clean

• Cleanse the nozzle before use by briefly pressing the wings.
• Place eye opener at the edge of eyelids.
• Press the wings and spray.
• Move your eye in all directions while rinsing.
• Continue to rinse, as long as required.

Recommended use temperature 16 – 38°C
Dirt: Rinse until foreign body is gone. By contiuning discomfort seek medical advice.
Acids/alkalis: Rinse the eye minimum 15 minutes. Seek medical advice and continue rinsing during transport to emergency care unit.


Refill box + 2 x 250 ml eyewash. Item no.: 300777



Refill box + 2 stk. 250 ml. spray can. = 1 colli

1 cardboard box = 9 colli
number of colli per. ½ pallet = 108 colli
number of colli per. 1/1 pallet = 252 colli 

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