eyeaid BASIC REF300925

The BASIC box contains 2 x Eyeaid eyewash and a total rinsing time of up to 30 minutes. The box is splash-proof, shock-proof and protects the eyewash from dust and dirt. A stainless steel wall station is included so that the box can be installed in a place where fast and easy access to an eyewash unit is crucial – e.g. at a battery charger station, workshop vehicle/table or near the exit to the transport to a hospital/clinic. Like the eyewash bottles, the BASIC box is single hand operated. Thus, it is easy to open, and the rinsing can start within seconds. With a single pull of the handle, the box can be removed from the wall station and taken to the injured person or to the transport.



2 x 250 ml eyewash

1 cardboard box = 9 colli
number of colli pr. ½ pallet = 54 colli
number of colli pr. 1/1 pallet = 108 colli

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Weight 12.5 kg