eyeaid ToGo+(heated box) REF300890

In the winter, it is very important that eyewash stations are stored frost-free in vehicles and in unheated locations. The ToGo+ box stores the eyewash liquid within the comfort temperature of 16-38 degrees. Thus, optimal rinsing of the eye is achieved as the eye otherwise instinctively protects itself from colder or warmer liquids, which thus complicates/hinders efficient rinsing of the eye.

In particular, ToGo+ is ideal for annexes, sheds, lorries, cold stores, car washes, drilling platforms, wind turbines, etc. Thanks to the handle of the box, it is very practical and easy to bring along for mobile work. ToGo+ can be used in areas with temperatures down to 25 degrees below freezing. The box ensures a liquid temperature of approx. 25 degrees (+/- 2.5 degrees).

ToGo+ contains a heating element with an USB cable, 12/24V plug for the car and a 240V plug.

The ToGo+ box contains 2 x Eyeaid eyewash and a total rinsing time of up to 30 minutes. The box is splash-proof, shock-proof and protects the eyewash from dust and dirt. A stainless steel wall station is included so that the box can be installed in a place where fast and easy access to an eyewash unit is crucial – e.g. at a battery charger station, workshop vehicle/table or near the exit to the transport to a hospital/clinic. Like the eyewash bottles, the ToGo+ box is single hand operated. Thus, it is easy to open, and the rinsing can start within seconds. With a single pull of the handle, the box can be removed from the wall station and taken to the injured person or to the transport. The ToGo+ box is fitted with a seal, which visually indicates that the unit is complete and ready for use.  


2 x 250 ml eyewash with heating element 12/24/240V. 

1 cardboard box = 9 colli
number of colli pr. ½ pallet = 54 colli
number of colli pr. 1/1 pallet = 108 colli

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