eyecare 250 ml REF300905

Contains up to 15 minutes of rinsing time per can. EyeCare is ideal for the removal of foreign objects in the eyes, including dust, dirt, metal/wood splinters etc. The Bag-on-Valve technology ensures a constant fluid pressure, regardless of the position. EyeCare can be activated by one hand and ensures a comfortable rinsing of the eye. Can be used as wound cleanser as well, and the liquid stays sterile until the last drop. Durability: Up to 3 years from the date of manufacture. EyeCare is a very efficient product to provide first aid to other people or small children and animals.



1 x 250 ml eyewash. 

1 cardbord box = 24 pcs.
number of colli ½ pallet=25 colli = 600 pcs. (1 layer=5 box.á 24 pcs.)
number of colli 1/1 pallet= 50 colli = 1200 pcs. (1 layer=10 box. á 24 pcs.

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A little tip regarding eyecare/eyewash water:

When one is washing the eye, one can use the eyewash water, as it more gentle to the surface of the eye compared to regular water. Tap water can be used in  a state of emergency, if it has been boiled and cooled prior to use. However, it will irritate the surface of the eye.

Eyewash water can be used to wash one’s eyes in. It is saltwater that has the same containment of salt as the tear fluid of the eye. (PH7,4) Therefore, the eyewash water will not irritate as it is washing your eye.

Use eyecare when:

  • You have something in the eye. (Wash until the contaminant is out or the irritation stops)
  • One’s eyes itch or feel dry/irritating/red
  • One’s contact lenses are irritating. (the eyes can be washed while the lenses remain in the eye)
  • The area surrounding the eye must be cleansed/washed, for example in the situation of infection.

The fluid is sterile.

Eyewash water should be kept at room temperature when in use.

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