First Aid Station EYE RINSING STATION REF310500

First Aid Station for 250 ml eyecare eye rinsing and wound cleanser


The first aid station will hold your first aid kit and that way you always know where to go if you get hurt. Wounds, cuts and abrasions are easily cleansed with the eyecare sterile saline solution from the first aid kit. The first aid kit container is suitable for mounting on the wall. The container is Danish design with a powder lacquer surface, and the first aid icon is clearly visible on the container. If you get something into your eye, you can go to the first aid station again and again and rinse it out.


Contains 1 pcs. empty station. Eyecare is sold separately. >click here



1 pcs. First Aid Station, Eye Rinsing station. Holds 2 eyecare bottles (250 ml.)


Packaging: 9/54/108


1 cardboard box = 9 colli
number of colli per. ½ pallet = 108 colli
number of colli per. 1/1 pallet = 252 colli 

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