Plater Latex Free REF1384-2

Help Care Company’s Plaster Latex Free can be used as both a plaster and a bandage. The soft foam bandage is suitable for any kind of small wound in all hot, cold, wet and dry conditions and will stay in place in water. Soft Foam Bandage is self-adhesive, so it does not contain any glue. This means that it will not stick to your skin or hair. All you have to do is to tear off a strip large enough to wind around the injured area once or twice. In the event of heavy bleeding, the Soft Foam Bandage works as a ‘cushion’ to create a tourniquet. Soft Foam Bandage is perfect for when you need to take care of a wound quickly and simply
The product is a self-adhesive soft foam bandage made of polyurethane foam. The bandage is protected by paper on both sides and packed in a cardboard box with dispenser function. The product is intended to be used as a mechanical barrier and for absorption of exudates from minor wounds.

6 cm x 5 meter in roll form

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